Tim Elverston • Ruth Whiting

Tim Elverston's portfolio


Lighting Design

Our technologies form around the demands of flight and 20 years of refinement and cumulative intuition.

Lamp design by Tim Elverston at WindFire Designs showing articulated and counterweighted lamp detail

Project Flowx

Painting the world sky—dreams in our atmosphere.

Flowx Silk Kites

LaceWings and ColorWings

Kites designed by Tim Elverston, and painted by Ruth Whiting. High-performance flying art.

Lacewing and Colorwing kites by Tim Elverston and Ruth Whiting
> 2010


Mini Photons

Positive control through balance and design.



mini photon kite by tim elverston and ruth whiting
< 2010


Cool older kites:

Installations and sculpture:

Robbins Diamonds origami

Dark Lighttim elverston dark light


The Guildworksian mega spiral:

Customization of kite surfing kites: